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A Good Income
21 Adar, 5769
Dear Vaad Harabanim,
I must thank Hashem for enabling me to fulfill my promise and publicize this letter. I have many children, bli ayin hara, and with Hashem’s help I have much expertise in an important and greatly-in-demand field.
Last year I saw a drastic fall in my clientele. At that time I pledged to give all my ma’aser money to Vaad Harabanim if Hashem would restore my income to its former levels. After that I enjoyed a steady stream of clients. Of course, I have kept my promise and I give my ma’aser to Vaad Harabanim. In the meantime, two of my children have married. I decided to change my policy.
Instead of giving ma’aser to Vaad Harabanim, I started giving it to my married children, knowing that this is a good use of my tzedakah money. Soon, however, my income began falling noticeably.
Not long afterward I received a brochure from Vaad Harabanim titled If You Care for My [People] I Will Care for Yours. I got the message and made another pledge. I promised that if Hashem would restore my income to what it had been before, I would give two-thirds of my ma’aser to Vaad Harabanim and one-third to my married children. I also pledged to donate the ma’aser on the same day that I received each payment for my work, without any delays.
May Hashem be blessed! My income is now double what it had been previously. Ever since I made that last pledge, I have always been careful to separate two-thirds of my increased income every day, and to send it directly to Vaad Harabanim, using my Visa card.
I see the fulfillment of the promise If You Care for My [People] I Will Care for Yours. It really works: Give ma’aser to Vaad Harabanim and you can become rich.
Z. N


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