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Vaad Harabbanim - Deeds of Contribution and Charity support

Families in need -  Sick or Poor - Widows and Orphans - Medical support - Unfortunate people - Supporting the needy

Your personal Yeshua

Submit your name and mothers name for a special prayer to the
Gedolei Hador and at the Holy sites or Kivrei Tzadikim
with your personal request and purpose.

Who are Vaad Harabbanim?

"Vaad Harabbanim is a Charity organization that was founded by Gedolei Hador, shlita, in order to supervise all charitable matters in Israel. Until its inception, there was no real control or organization to charitable donations and causes, with the very number of charitable funds being overwhelming, as well as problems like knowing if one´s donation really reached its goal, how monies were spent, reviews and audits of activities, and more.."
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